Fisherman’s Wharf Resturant Review

Fisherman's Wharf Resturant Review
Fisherman's Wharf Resturant Review

Fisherman’s Wharf Resturant Review


This was our first family dinner outside after we had our daughter. I came upon this place few months back when I was searching for good sea food restaurants nearby which we hadn’t tried. I read good reviews about the place,ambience and food… but its little bit pricey.¬†Having said that let me share my experience.

Location : You won’t find much difficulty finding it. Its on Haralur road. You can see the map here.

Parking : There’s a big empty ground next to the restaurant where you can park your vehicle without any worries.

Ambiance : Now this is a restaurant you may want to go on those ‘special’ occasions. We went at night and the ambiance was lovely. There was live music and couple of singers were performing. It was dimly lit and it added to the mood of the place. The light fixtures and large mask artifacts on wall were really good.

Food : Its speciality is seafood as you can get from the name. And it serves Goan , Mediterranean, Arabian, Continental type of cuisine along with the normal spread of Indian, Chinese. We had

1) Corn & chicken chouder soup РIt was really good. Soup was sort of shorba but thicker in texture. It was little creamy  and taste was nice.

2) Stuffed Crab – For starters we had this. A stuffing of crab meat, prawn and other spieces was put in a crab shell along with side salad. So it was easy for me to eat crab without worrying about shells as I was looking after baby and holding her. I loved this dish, would love to try again.

3) Chicken Xacutti – It was a chicken dish made with spices and coconut. It was ok, would give it a pass next time.

4 ) Basmati Pulao – It was again ok.. normal taste, nothing special to mention about.

5) Tiramishu – For dessert we had this and I loveeeed it. It was so yummy. Would eat again n again… The texture was really creamy as you can see from pic (below).

So after a good starter, an average main course and an excellent dessert it was time to head back home.

Price : You can check the menu here. The max price for any item we found was Rs.375. And for 2 people the cost would come upto Rs. 1500 (avg)

Other stuff : Seating was in several gazebos present, kind of gave a nice feeling kind of open area with no walls. There’s a bar with chairs in front of it for people who would like to indulge in some ‘happy hours’. The front area has a kids play zone with slides, swings and stuff… saw many kids enjoying there.

Rating : Will give it a 4/5

Recommend : Strongly recommend and would love to go again but on ‘special occasions’ .

We even saw a couple celebrating their daughter’s b’day party.. so you can try them for events too.

You can see the Restaurants website here.

Fisherman's Wharf Resturant Review

Fisherman’s Wharf Resturant Review


Fisherman's Wharf Resturant Review

Fisherman’s Wharf Resturant Review


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