Corn Chops Recipe

Corn Chops
Corn Chops

Corn Chops

Need some new ideas for snacks on a rainy evening… try this out. Its real easy and can be made quickly.. Kids as well as grown ups will love it.

You will need:
Boiled sweet corn (Grind coarsely)
Capsicum and Chilli (Finely chopped)
Rice flour
Cornflour in a bowl(Mixed with water ;┬áit shouldn’t be too thick or runny)
Bread crumb in a plate

Process :
1. Take a bowl, add the grind corn,chopped veggies
2. Then add Rice flour (it will act as binding agent so for 1 cup of veggies add around 2-3 tbsp) and salt
3. Make small balls of it (when you are making it, it shouldn’t break. Check the consistency)
4. In another bowl take 2-3 tbsp cornflour and add little water
5. Take one corn ball you made and dip in the cornflour mix coating it completely
6.Then roll the ball in bread crumb, so that it gets coated from all sides.
7. Deep/ shallow fry as per your wish, so that it gets golden from outside

You can have it with Tomato ketchup or honey chilli sauce or any sauce you like. Total prep time for this is 15-20 mins

Let me know guys how you liked it… so what’s your fav rainy day snack apart from pakoras??

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