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Baby Photography

So guys next couple of months will be really busy for me. I have to plan my daughter’s 1st birthday. It is really hard to believe 1 year passed so quickly, feels like yesterday she came to this world with tiny little feets. Now she is trying to stand on those feets, how grown up my doll has become :-) . Now that she is more interacting and active, I get very less time for this hobby of mine. So what ever free time I get I try to squeeze in a blog or make a nail art video.


Baby Photography

Baby Photography

But next couple of months will be hectic. I have to plan the party, which will be arranging stuff, invitations, all details (venue,decoration,return gifts n all). I have plans to make some DIYs for the decoration so I have lots of paper cutting to do, pasting stuff. So I need all my free time for those stuff, so expect less activity from my side (blogs or nail arts). I will share all details once everything falls into place. And then we will be going for a vacation to home. So from ┬áJan again I will be posting everything regularly. I am not saying that I won’t be sharing any stuff in this 2 months, just that it will be reduced a lot. In place of nail art videos every week I may do one for 15 days, depending on time I have. If I have time I will certainly keep sharing new recipes and nail arts.

I will share all DIYs I do or I may have done, some real simple ideas to spruce up your party. So guys keep patience with me and give your blessings to my lil one… :-).

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