Makeup Brush Storage Ideas

Storing makeup brushes
Storing makeup brushes

Storing makeup brushes

I am going to share how I store my makeup brush and some more cool DIY ideas you can try out. So I got this mug free when I got some beauty products, and I was thinking how to use it as I have separate coffee mugs which I use. Then I thought to store my makeup stuff like brushes, liners, mascara, curler.

I am going to share some cool ideas how you can store your makeup brushes, liners n all within budget, with items you easily find in your home.

1) Coffee mugs – As you can see here. If you have a long and big coffee mug which you are not using and its gathering dust in your kitchen,use it!!! It will look cool too. If you are into crafts stuff, add some colors, paint something or paste rhinestones.

2) Pen Stand – Yup make use of your college time pen stand or your kids extra one for storing it. Again you can add some bling and color to it if you want. Do some DIY and the result will be pretty.

3) Glass – Any normal drinking glass you have made up of glass. Add some colored glass/stone/foam beads and put your brushes here. The beads will help your brush to stand straight not lean against the corners.

4) Glass jar – We do collect glass jars to keep spices and stuff in kitchen, use it the same way as above and you will have a cheap makeup brush holder. Just make sure to remove the paper which is pasted in the jar of the product details, else will look tacky.

So for now I can think of these items, if you have more ideas do share. How you store your make up brush and liners, let me know…

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