LIFE UPDATE – Moving to US!!!


Its a big Life Update for us!!! We have moved to US. And we are just settling in since we have lots to do in the initial few days to set up our life again in the new place. So I will just share my experience with you what happened for the last few days and what new stuff you are going to see from me moving forward.

Its been just a day since we reached here. And oh God I have never been so exhausted and frazzled in my entire life. Not because we moved out and obviously there was lot of stuff to take care of. But couple of days before our travel my daughter felt sick. It started with cold and fever and then due to extreme heat in Bangalore her stomach became upset. And on the day of our travel instead of being excited or feeling any anxiety I just had single worry to reach immediately so that I can give her home food to recover quickly. Traveling 21-22 hours with a kid is normally not easy and with kid who is not well is definitely a nightmare any parent can have which I went through. Now she is feeling better and I am able to relax a bit :-)

And about the place, well we have moved to California state and its pretty nice. When I came out of airport and saw cars moving at such a high speed, I guess then it hit me that I am not in India anymore. And I kind of missed our slow moving traffic as I had got used to it. When you travel to a place for a short duration like vacation you enjoy what ever you see. But when you think that this is the place I am going to stay now for some days, you start feeling home sick. And I started missing all the small things back in India. And all the things you are familiar with are not there anymore, and you find yourself in totally new territory literally. I guess it will take some time for us to adjust to the new life and place.

About my Blog and Youtube posts, well they won’t stop and I will continue doing that. But I need some time to settle down, set up our life here. Then I will start posting new stuff. And you will see US based products from now as I don’t think I will get Indian brands here (I am assuming, I will look out for them though). So please have some patience with me. I will try to put up vlogs in my 2nd youtube channel ‘DenDivaChats‘ and share our experiences here in the mean time.




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