DIY : Cheap n pretty Wall Decor Ideas

DIY : Cheap n pretty Wall Decor Ideas

Don’t you wish some time that you make some pretty decor stuff for your home or office by yourself. One does feel proud when you show your creations to your guests and friends. One doesn’t need to be an artist to make such stuff. I recently made some Wall decor DIY using very simple materials and it turned out great. Just for the record, it was not my idea… I found the DIY on Pinterest, I don’t know who created it first (else would have loved to give them credit :-))

I first made the floral pattern one which I saw in Pinterest, the result was great so Hubby requested to make another to keep in office (kind of added a nice personal touch n his cubicle n his colleagues liked it  too). So I made another small one,the tree which I created on my own (so I can proudly take credit for that :- D ). Check the pics below.

DIY : Cheap n pretty Wall Decor Ideas


DIY : Cheap n pretty Wall Decor Ideas

DIY : Cheap n pretty Wall Decor Ideas

To make this DIY you will need Items :

1 ) Different patter Scrapbook paper (if you don’t have it,try with simple colored papers )

2) Black foam sheet

3) Scissors

4) Glue

5) Thin Ribbon (optional, I added the blue ones)


1 ) First take a normal paper and cut out the shape of a petal/leaf (free hand drawing)

2) Then take the cut out and place it on a scrap paper and cut out the shape.

3) Repeat step 2 with different scrap papers ( to save time, if you can, hold a bunch of papers together and cut out the shape)

4) Cut out a small round shape from any scrap paper (it will be center of flower)

5) Now cut out a rectangular shape of foam sheet

6) Take the cut out petal/leaf scrap papers and paste them as shown in image using normal glue (I used fevicol)

7 ) This is optional, once you have done it, glue the ribbon at the edges of foam sheet.

8) Now you can display it directly or punch a hole and hang it using ribbons.

So you are done!!! Isn’t it really simple and budget friendly… let me know how you liked this

Have you tried some thing different and easy for your home, do share with me :-)

Check out my Pinterest board for some amazing DIY ideas!!


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