CHATTERATI :Meet Somdatta of

CHATTERATI : Meet Somdatta of PearlyPoppies

Today we will have a little chit chat with Somdatta of and know more about her n her blog…

Somdatta of

Somdatta of

From when did you started blogging

We started blogging since Mach 2013 but due to work pressure and some personal problems, we couldn’t continue properly. We actually started seriously since November 2013.

Little bit more about your blog

This blog is just an extension of our hobbies. By ‘our’, I mean my sister and me. We were interested in creative things since beginning. And so, we just found a place to put them all together :) We write and make videos about anything that catches our fancy. Our passion ranges from fashion and beauty, singing, photography, travelling, cooking, painting, knitting, DIYs and much more. You would see all those on our site, here, there and everywhere :)

Why the name PearlyPoppies

hahaha! no particular reason :) Actually it was hard to come up with something as our blog was not going to be about a single category. We wanted something generic yet catchy. And we wanted something in plural! I still remember the number of days we spent to find a proper name! hahahaha

Which part of blogging you enjoy the most

Right now, I am really enjoying making youtube videos and blogging about those :D If you see our home page, it’s full of posts about our youtube videos! But my passion changes over time, so this is valid just for now :)

One thing about you which you want to share with your readers

The only motto in my life is to be fair and I always try to give back more than I receive. This gives me peace and peace is all that I need.

Blogging is not a piece of cake, so there must be some challenges you faced. Anything you want to share

hmmm..Blogging is not like blogging to us. We just blog about our hobbies. We like to create and it gives us happiness to share our creations with others. We don’t look for competitions so that’s one thing out of our blocking list. But yes, to get the right exposure is a challenge nowadays as there are many more established people already in this sphere. Doesn’t matter how hard you work, how good you are, it’s a challenge to get noticed. And forget about getting help from others. The main challenge which we faced was “people”. You have to be connected with people in this blogging world. But many people can be very rude, arrogant and selfish. Also, many can be double faced too! This later category is dangerous. More dangerous than others as you are dealing with them in virtual world and if you trust people easily, like me, you are in trouble.


Describe yourself in 3 words

sincere, honest, fair

Pick any 3 of your most fav beauty products. There must be many, but the ones which you absolutely can’t do without. 

I just started makeup last year. Even now I only apply make for my tutorials. So, if I relate to day to day life, they would be – kajal, eyebrow pencil, loose powder.

One thing in the world you can’t live without

My family

If you are in a deserted island and you get to take any 5 things with you, what will be those

hahaha! water, dry food, cash…. camera, laptop (i am rolling with laughter now)

Your fav travel destination 

Cannot decide – but if have have to then i would settle for Spain. I visit Spain 4-5 times a year and still not satisfied. I have travelled Europe quite extensively. However, someday, I would like to travel Asia like this.

What is the one thing which is always present in your purse/wallet

My Bank Card ? hahahaha

Your fav place to shop in your city

I live in Antwerp, Belgium – I would say “Galleria INNO”

Your fav dish for which you can go places

Uhhuu ! LOVE INDIAN FOOD! Anything Indian is my favourite :)

One blog post which is close to your heart

Sorry, can’t decide :P ….i work with same passion and love for every post….. it would be so unfair to others! :D

Sign off with any thing more you want to share with your readers

yes yes! apart from my makeup videos, which are very new, I have a singing channel since 2009. Singing is one of my permanent and ancient hobbies :) you can check them out if you need to get torchered @youtube/somdatta03 :)

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Hope you guys enjoyed reading it!!!


  1. awwww I loved going through ur answers girlie! U’ll be surprised at how similar our answers our when mine gets published! I didnt know you live in Belgium!

  2. very nice initiative, its a gr8 way to know about fellow bloggers.
    i keep waiting for these posts from u now.
    nice post.

  3. Bingo to Madhu for taking Somdatta’s interview who has so much to give and share for people so unconditionaly through her creativity! And it was really fun to read about my school buddy :) Best wishes. <3

    • Aww! Tej! You are one of the nicest person I have ever met here :) Thanks sweetheart for your sweet words and all the support! means a lot sweety <3 ….Of course, if I ever come to UK, would give you a call :) same goes for you :) Right now, I am too busy exploring mainland Europe :P

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