CHATTERATI :Meet Renu of My Beauty Junction

CHATTERATI :Meet Renu of My Beauty Junction

Today we will have a little chit chat with Renu of My Beauty and know more about her n her blog…

CHATTERATI :Meet Renu of My Beauty Junction

CHATTERATI :Meet Renu of My Beauty Junction

From when did you started blogging

I began blogging in 2008. I forgot the login and password of my first blog and deleted my 2009-born blog a few weeks ago. The first three had nothing to do with makeup or beauty. My Beauty Junction is my fourth blog; it began on January 15, 2013, and I celebrated one year of blogging recently..

A little more about your blog

I had way too much makeup and thought, if I blog about it, I can control buying and audit what I own. Hasn’t happened yet. However, it has helped me try new things, step out of my comfort zone and become addicted to beauty boxes – I have discovered, so far, that there are 30 beauty boxes that ship worldwide! However, there is so much that I don’t know

Why the name ‘My Beauty Junction’

From a shelf in a cupboard, my beauty products slowly spread to the junction between my bedroom, dressing room and bathroom. In fact, people would tease me about it

Which part of blogging do you enjoy the most

I love it when the comments start coming in and try to reply to them all. I know I have been lax recently – blame my teeth! I also love how I have tried new colours and looks after beginning my blog. Until 2013, I only used one particular lipstick: Chanel Rouge Double Intensite. Now I own a dozen or so, and counting! Ditto eyeshadows. I’m ready to wear yellow and lime green now!

One thing about you which you want to share with your readers

When I was two and a half years old, I walked straight into a wasp’s/bees’ nest. I can’t tell which and my folks didn’t bother to look at the nest. Took me a while to look normal

Blogging is not a piece of cake, so there must be some challenges you faced. Anything you want to share

I am technologically DUMB! And I can’t tell apart one end of my camera from the other despite taking a two-week crash course and working in journalism. I hate blog-photography, but as long as you can tell apart a lipstick from an eyeliner, I’m thrilled with myself!
Someone should write a bloggers’ manual! I accidentally did two sponsored posts without even realising they were sponsored posts (someone wanted me to review their website, which I did, no questions asked), and without even charging for them! I’m still kicking myself for being that dense and am sure both companies enjoyed a good laugh.
Next is my schedule, and finding time to take pictures when the natural light is good. Plus, I am a dud a freehand nail art and envy all those people with great art skills and steady hands. And then, there are the inanities you get to hear. I post the price of something and just below that paragraph is a comment asking for the price. Or people who argue in a non-constructive way. I just reject those comments.


Describe yourself in 3 words

Nerd, Swot, Tomboy

Pick any 3 of your favourite beauty products. There must be many, but the ones which you absolutely can’t do without

Shiseido Sheer Mattifying Compact foundation, Chanel Rouge Double Intensite Lipstick, my Original Beautyblender Pro

One thing in the world you can’t live without

My collection of books

If you are in a deserted island and you get to take any 5 things with you, what will those be

My entire shelf of vintage children’s books (1920s-1950s), a radio transmitter (to call for help), water purification tablets, a Swiss knife, a magnifying glass (for fires). Survival first!

Your favourite travel destination

Lisbon, Portugal. I adored every minute I spent there, especially the Avenida da Liberdade. I love the UK, but I lived there as a student, not a tourist

What is the one thing which is always present in your purse/wallet

Some form of identification. Right now, it’s my driving licence and Aadhar card. I have been in one major motorbike accident in the last three years (was riding pillion, hit by car, ended up in neuro intensive care) and have nightmares – despite promising all and sundry I would never get on a motorbike again) – of people not knowing who I am. Last time, I had passed out and my colleague who was driving went into hysterics.

Your favourite place to shop in your city

A ramshackle second-hand bookstore where unwanted books from around the world are dumped by container-loads, and Goodwill in Convent Junction, which is the best accessories place ever

Your fav dish for which you can go places

Erm… I’m lazy and I eat healthy as far as possible, so I wouldn’t go places. Probably asparagus, though – I certainly have a weakness for the spears!

One blog post which is close to your heart

My blogoversary post on vintage magazine advertisements. It combines my first love, which is antiques, with a recent love, which is makeup. And most of the magazines belong to my Gran, and some to my Mum – inherited from my Gran’s mother, so that makes it all the more special. Here’s the link if you want to see the post:

Sign off with any thing more you want to share with your readers

This is to all bloggers and aspiring bloggers: There is space for ALL of us here. Just because Dan Brown wrote a book, it doesn’t mean we read no other authors’ works, does it? People will read many blogs, not just one. All our blogs are needed out there and will be read, so there is no need at all for insecurity. In fact it is better to have many blogs, like many countries, rather than one superpower!

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Renu’s Creations

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Hope you guys enjoyed reading it!!


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