CHATTERATI : Meet Rachna of My Beauty Express

CHATTERATI : Meet Rachna of My Beauty Express

Today we will have a little chit chat with Rachna of My Beauty and know more about her n her blog…

CHATTERATI : Meet Rachna of My Beauty Express

CHATTERATI : Meet Rachna of My Beauty Express


From when did you started blogging

I have been planning to start my own blog for so long so finally I started blogging from July, this is my fav month of the year because its my Mom’s b’day month.

Little bit more about your blog

My Beauty Express is Lifestyle blog where I share my love regarding makeup, beauty, fashion, cooking or whatever I love to do.

Why the name My Beauty Express

I was searching for blog name for so long and finally one day I was watching a show on zoom I believe where one of the program was coming Music Express, it immediately hit me and hence I named my blog My Beauty Express

Which part of blogging you enjoy the most

I enjoy doing haul post and product reviews, however i love reading diys too which I have been thinking to do more on the blog but somehow always forget, I will start more diy post soon

One thing about you which you want to share with your readers

I was a non makeup person my entire life, its after my marriage that I started taking interest in makeup and fashion.  So, my blog is basically a glance of me that is from non makeup to full on makeup person

Blogging is not a piece of cake, so there must be some challenges you faced. Anything you want to share

When I started blogging I was not aware of anything, its the fellow bloggers who helped me.  So I would advise all the newbie to take help from fellow bloggers, they are very helpful.  Now also when I face any problem I take help from fellow bloggers


Describe yourself in 3 words

Outspoken, Emotional, Hard working

Pick any 3 of your most fav beauty products. There must be many, but the ones which you absolutely can’t do without

Brown Kohl, Scrub and Lip Stains

One thing in the world you can’t live without

My iPhone, I am addicted to it

If you are in a deserted island and you get to take any 5 things with you, what will be those

iPad or my phone with unlimited battery backup, Lip Balm, Sunglasses, Water, Chocolates

Your fav travel destination

London, I have been there for 5 years almost and I freaking love that place.  Its the most amazing destination.

What is the one thing which is always present in your purse/wallet

Sunglasses, my eyes are allergic to dust so cant live without them!

Your fav place to shop in your city

CrabTree Valley Mall in Durham

Your fav dish for which you can go places

Mom Made Baigan ka Bharta ( Eggplant ), it can be anything.

One blog post which is close to your heart

It has to be my very first Giveaway which finished few days back only.  It was the first giveaway of my blog, so really special and ofcourse the first post that I wrote.

Sign off with any thing more you want to share with your readers.

Believe in your dreams, and work hard.  Don’t chase success.  Let the success chase you.

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Hope you guys enjoyed reading it :-)


  1. lovely read Madhu! And lovely answers Rachna! As I told you already, you were one of the very first people who responded to my request so sweetly. You supported and helped me without any expectation and I will always remember that. Stay blessed :))

  2. hey nice post. nowadays i am waiting for this post of yours as i get to know fellow bloggers n their dreams n passions.
    very nice initiative.

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