CHATTERATI : Meet Lisha of Heart Bows & Makeup

CHATTERATI : Meet Lisha of Heart Bows & Makeup

Today we will have a little chit chat with Lisha of Heart Bows & and know more about her n her blog…

CHATTERATI : Meet Lisha of Heart Bows & Makeup

CHATTERATI : Meet Lisha of Heart Bows & Makeup

From when did you started blogging

I started my Blog ‘Heart Bows & Makeup’ on 19th November so its been almost 3 months now. However, I have guest blogged for more than an year on P&B,VNA & ETM

Little bit more about your blog

I started Heart Bows & Makeup on a whim. I was really content guest blogging for other beauty blogs even though I always wanted my own space but I didn’t think I’d take that step so soon especially while I was still studying! Though there is not a single day where I regret taking this step!
HBM is a place for all things girly as its an extension of my personality. I love doing makeup tutorials, product reviews and the usual beauty banter

Why the name Heart Bows Makeup

Like I said, my blog is an extension of my personality and I just love love LUVEEE Bows & Makeup! I was a bit worried that it might sound kiddish or lame but thankfully people really took to it and many seemed to like it a lot!

Which part of blogging you enjoy the most 

Definitely the pictures. I take almost 200 pics per post and I do get tired but most of the times I enjoy the process of clicking a product from all sorts of angles!

One thing about you which you want to share with your readers

This might come as shock to some but I hate watching movies.Its very rare that I’ll catch the latest flick and I only watch highly acclaimed films that too once in a blue moon!

Blogging is not a piece of cake, so there must be some challenges  you faced. Anything you want to share

oooooh yes! I have faced a lot of bullying,jealousy,backstabbing and what not over the past 1 year. Very recently, someone had a problem with me getting swatches of latest products. Imagine that! I’m learning not to care and letting the haters make a fool of themselves. You really need a thick skin when it comes to beauty blogging.

The Rapid Fire Round :-)

Describe yourself in 3 words

Girly, Sensitive & Honest

Pick any 3 of your most fav beauty products. There must be many, but the ones which you absolutely can’t do without

Woah! Thats a toughie as I’m very fickle when it comes to beauty products.But if I had to choose then I think that will be my Sleek Contouring Kit(goes with me everywhere), MAC Prolongwear Foundation(MAC really does make the best base products)& A Lip Balm(Currently loving Burt Bees)

One thing in the world you can’t live without

My Mommy! Yes we fight and argue all the time yet I can’t imagine my life without her.She is my rock!

If you are in a deserted island and you get to take any 5 things with you, what will be those

Since I’ll be on an island I’ll take all modes of entertainment along with me. So I guess, a book, a tablet(hopefully the island has an internet connection), chocolates(to lift my mood),makeup kit(so that I can do looks when I get bored :p )and a lip balm. I’m assuming the island will keep me well fed :p

Your fav travel destination

I haven’t been out of the country and I’d love to visit the Bahamas! Its my dream destination <3

What is the one item which is always present in your purse/wallet

A Lip Balm! I have extremely dry and chapped lips and I cannot do without a lip balm. I have one in all my purses and sling bags

Your fav place to shop in your city

South Ex! All the brands in one place with the best eating joints. What more could a girl ask for?

Your fav dish for which you can go places

Golgappas(hope that qualifies for a dish :p) I can go far and beyond for GGZ(as I call like to call them)

One blog post which is close to your heart

It’d be my latest post-Valentine’s Day Makeup & Outfit. Apart from being my first OOTD I also wore everything that was gifted by my closest friends since the theme was ‘LOVE’

Check out more from Lisha

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Lisha’s Creation

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Hope you guys enjoyed reading it !!



  1. Thanks to Madhu, I got to learn more about you Lisha :) Yes, you were right, we have many things in common and that’s why I felt so comfortable communicating with you! You do amazing work and I love your clicks! And I agree with what you said about having a thick skin, but since we are on the sensitive side, it would be almost impossible to achieve that :P hahaha…but we will try, what say? :) BTW, that V’day post is also a favourite of mine :) You surely did look stunning! More suited for chocolate day maybe, considering you were the chocolate :D …hahaha…keep it up girl! Love the read :)
    A Big Thanks to Madhu!

    • totally! Even though we’ve never really had a conversation as such but I’ve always felt so connected to u. Maybe because we are so similar :D I’m glad to have found a friend in you :*

      so true! Its extremely hard to not let things or ppl bother u but its a work in progress and hopefully one day we can just brush off these things!
      ha ha thank u so much for that lovely compliment. You totally made my day pretty lady :*

  2. i think through blogging i got to meet some of the amazing people especially u and aditi with whom i can discuss anything and they wont think im acting stupid….all fingers are not same but then jealousy and backstabbing is eveywhere be it beauty blogging or corporate world. We are sensitive ppl thats y we think too much…U r one of the honest person i ever met in blogging…love ur blog and more than blog u….wish u all the success and luck!

    • Thank u so much darling! I’m lucky to have u as a friend, guide and a confidant.
      There are truly sum gemsl in the blogging world like u and I’m glad to have met u. Love you hun <3

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