CHATTERATI :Meet Deeptima of Beauty Unleashed with Deeptima

CHATTERATI :Meet Deeptima of Beauty Unleashed with Deeptima

Today we will have a little chit chat with Deeptima of and know more about her n her blog…


CHATTERATI :Meet Deeptima of Beauty Unleashed with Deeptima

CHATTERATI :Meet Deeptima of Beauty Unleashed with Deeptima

From when did you started blogging

My blog was just an extension to my YouTube channel, i wanted to have a blog so that I could talk about products and post pictures which I was not able to post on YT. I purchased domain in 2012 when I decided to take blogging a bit more seriously :P

Little bit more about your blog

More than product reviews you’ll find makeup looks and tutorials on my blog. If you are newbie at makeup you can learn few makeup looks by following my simple tutorials. From simple everyday looks to dramatic party’ll find it all on my blog.

Why the name ‘Beauty unleashed with Deeptima’

Honestly, I do feel my blog name is quit long, but I guess not difficult to remember.
Why this name ??simply because I feel one should never hide behind makeup it should be used in moderation to enhance your features so that your inner beauty and shine through it. Your makeup say a lot about your personality so its necessary to do it the right way :-)

Which part of blogging you enjoy the most

I’ll be honest, getting free stuff from brands in one of the best part of blogging, hahaha,
But on the serious note it feels great that people take you seriously and you opinions on products holds value.

One thing about you which you want to share with your readers

That’s a difficult one.. I just want to request people to not be over judgmental and if they really want to know me just talk to me. :P

Blogging is not a piece of cake, so there must be some challenges you faced. Anything you want to share

Vlogging/Blogging is an expensive hobby, an addiction… lol..if you want to produce quality work you have to invest in good equipment’s. I consider myself as an accidental blogger..never thought about it seriously but now that I know what I want to do I see the hardships. I started from a really crappy camera and gradually upgraded. I am still in the upgrading phase..planning, organising .. so much going on in my head… managing everything on your own is lil challenging.


Describe yourself in 3 words

Versatile ,Romatic , Inconsistent

Pick any 3 of your most fav beauty products. There must be many, but the ones which you absolutely can’t do without.

KonadFlobu cleansing foam, epilator and a tinted lipbalm :-)

One thing in the world you can’t live without

My Camera

If you are in a deserted island and you get to take any 5 things with you, what will be those

Swiss Army knife, sunscreen ,some canned food, mobile and something to start fire… ( nothing interesting.. right ?)

Your fav travel destination

I want to travel the whole world !

What is the one thing which is always present in your purse/wallet

My PAN card I guess (because I never take it out :P)

Your fav place to shop in your city

Leaving the Malls aside, as all the cities have almost the same stores… I love street shopping sometimes its Sarojini Nagar, DilliHaat, and I love shopping at Ribbons store.

Your fav dish for which you can go places

I LOVE food, I can go to places to try different cuisines, but I love Chole Bhature, Italian and Chinese food.

One blog post which is close to your heart

My Draw my Life Tag video

Check out more from Deeptima

Blog –

Some of her Makeup Looks :

Makeup Look Creations from Deeptima

Makeup Look Creations from Deeptima

Hope you guys enjoyed reading it !!



  1. hey nice post,
    i keep waiting for this posts as get to know about new n known fellow bloggers.
    i hv been a admirer of deepti’s makeup looks n tutorials sice quite some time but in another site & i love her detailed tutorials, though not able to implement them as of now.

  2. I love watching her videos Madhu! She is beautiful, gorgeous and very soft spoken and that’s why she is the favourite of so many people! She deserves everything she has got and much more :) You are doing an awesome job doing this posts!

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