Baby update – 7 months

Now that my daughter is 7 months old her activities have changed from last couple of months. I will just share with you my experience of the past month.

Food – She used to have fruit juice from 5th month onwards. I mostly give her Mosambi and Apple juice, all freshly made. In addition to that she started having dal water and boiled mashed veggies like carrot, beetroot and potato. I also gave her Ragi powder (you get ragi only for babies specially made).I did her Annaprasanna so I will start with rice soon. Hopefully she eats it :-)

Sleep pattern – It changes every couple of months with her and with most babies. She used to take naps a lot, take half hour to one hour naps about 4-5 times in a day. Now at night she sleeps for 5-6 hours straight. Morning she wakes up for 1-2 hours and I try to finish her bath during that time. After which she again sleeps for 2-3 hours straight. Then from afternoon till midnight she will follow a pattern,be awake for 2 hours then have a nap for 30mins.

Activities – She is more active now. Mostly when she is awake, she will be on tummy and play around. She is able to completely roll from side to side.While being on tummy she tries to life her body with her arms, but is not able to completely do, so gets pushed backwards.

Precautions – I make sure the surface where she is playing is not hard, since she is rolling and her balance on her arms is not perfect. So she falls on the side and her head gets hit many times. I just put a mattress on the floor and let her play over it.I put pillows on the borders so that she won’t go out of that area. Since most of the time I spend with her alone and sometimes I have to do stuff like cook or anything, I just let her play on her own like this. I don’t have to worry about her falling off from bed or anything. And I place some toys around the mattress so that she will be occupied with those.

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