Chicken Noodles Recipe (Super Easy n Quick!!)

Chicken Noodles Recipe

I have been really late putting up this blog. Those who are following me on FaceBook ( may have seen this photo I shared in Jan, so sorry for the late post. Without any further small talk, lets proceed to… Continue Reading

Pepper n Lettuce Salad Recipe (one dish 2 ways to eat)

Pepper n Lettuce Salad

I was thinking to do some sort of Salad which can be also used as a Sandwich filling, so that it will save me time in morning for breakfast. So there will be a slight variation and once you have… Continue Reading

Macha Chencheda Recipe

Macha Chencheda Recipe

I have been wanting to do this dish from quite sometime now. This dish takes me back to my childhood days when we used to have any family function and meal was cooked by a traditional cook making yummy Odiya… Continue Reading

Laccha Seviyan Kheer – Eid Special Recipe

Laccha Seviyan Kheer - Eid Special Recipe

I got laccha on Eid from my friend who told how to prepare it. Was my first time making this recipe and hubby loved it so much I had to make one more time when this got over. You will… Continue Reading

Mushroom Matar Curry Recipe (with step by step pics)

Mushroom Matar Curry Recipe

Normally I prepare some chinese item with mushroom like chilli mushroom or manchurian. But I wanted to try something different and with more gravy. So I looked in my fridge had some frozen peas,tomatoes,cream and thought let me make mushroom… Continue Reading

Corn Sandwich Recipe

Corn Sandwich Recipe

This is one of my quick breakfast fixes. I simply luv it as its simple and at the same time yummm… so check out the recipe You will need 1) Boiled corn – Sweet corn as we say 2) Capsicum/Green/Yellow/Red… Continue Reading

Easy Chocolate Chips Cookie Recipe (with Step-by-step pics)

Easy Chocolate Chips Cookie Recipe

This is one recipe with is loved by one and all… which is the cookies. This is my 2nd attempt of making it, the first time I did not started blogging and I just have one photo of it. But… Continue Reading

Crispy Mustard Fish Recipe (with Step by step pics)

Crispy Mustard Fish Recipe (with Step by step pics)

For quite some time now I wanted to try a new recipe with fish with fillet cut. This is the first time we got fish fillet at home, normally we get fish with Bengali cut (its the normal cut of… Continue Reading

Pasta with tomato sauce Recipe (With Step-by-step pics)

Pasta with tomato sauce Recipe

I like to have this recipe sometimes as evening snacks as its quite easy and quick to fix up. So you will need 1 ) Pasta sauce (Shop bought) – 1 to 2 tbsp 2) Grated cheese – 2-3 tbsp… Continue Reading

Palak Paneer Recipe (With Step by Step Photos)

Palak Paneer Recipe (With Step by Step Photos)

Palak paneer is a most common and loved paneer dish. So check out my version of it. You will need the items (as you can see in the pic) 1) Paneer (cottage cheese) – 250 gm 2) Spinach (Palak) –… Continue Reading