Royal Nails : Step by Step Tutorial with pics

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IMG_1369 copy

I’m simply in luv with this mani of mine… I may be sounding proud, but I am. This is one of the classy nails I have done. Simple things are classy and I true that! So hop on and see how I did this nail art with step by step pics.

Items Used :


1) Polishes : Dark Blue polish and clear polish

2) Tools : Scissors, Tweezer (forgot to put that in pic), dotting tool, any surface (to put clear polish on)

3) Nail Accessories

Crown Sheild Nail Decals (got it from, you can find item link here)


     Pearl studs (got it from BPS too, you can see the item here) There are so many sizes available. Its going to last me long time.



Step By Step

1) I have painted all my nails with 2 coats of blue polish and let it dry completely

2) Then I took the nail decal and cut the design I wanted. And then took out the thick plastic film covering it. Then dipped in water for 20-30 secs (as shown in pic)

3) Then I took it out and the decal separated from paper as shown in image. I placed it over my nails I wanted to apply. Then pressed it from all over with slight pressure to free any air bubbles inside. Once its all even applied top coat. This is for middle and ring fingers.

4) Then I took a drop of clear polish on the plastic cap, and took 2 big size and 2 small size pearls.Taking a dotting tool I applied a drop of clear polish and then placed the pearl over it, pressing slightly. So I placed one big stud and one small stud on other three nails.

IMG_1372 copy

That’s it and you are done. Its so fast to do pretty amazing nail arts with nail accessories. BornPrettyStore has amazing nail art items, accessories and other fashion items. Check them out and use my BPS Coupon code  DENDIVAK31  to get 10% off on all its products. I got all my finger rings from them. Recently I got a bunch more and will do a haul video in my Youtube channel (dendivadotcom) showing them. Subscribe to me if you have not!


  1. wow!!
    lovely mani
    BPS is 1 stop solution for nail art at very reasonable prices.
    will surely chk out the items.

    • yes I like the pearl studs so much, it can be used in so many ways!! will be doing more nail arts using them :-) and decals are so easy to apply.

  2. nice nail art n nice nail art items from BPS
    I guess the rings are from bps too?
    I love the collection of rings they have

    • Thanks :-) yes rings are from BPS too. I will be posting my Ring collection video in my Youtube channel soon.. 95% from it are from BPS :-)

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