BPS Tinfoil UV Gel Polish Remover Pads – Review


Often we do elaborate nail arts, gel nails glitter nails with lots of layers on and nail accessories. But when its time to remove them, its a pain when you do at home. With BornPrettyStore’s Tin Foil Remover pads, the job becomes really easy and mess free.


Item Features -

1. 100pcs Foil Wipes in Box

2. Foil wrap size(L x W): 9 x 6.5cm

3. Cotton size(L x W): 3 x 4cm

How to Use :




Here is the Item Details -

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Price – $4.99

10% OFF Coupon Code – DENDIVAK31

So below you can see I tried to remove 2 different types of polishes. One was gel polish and other was chunky glitter polish. Soaked the cotton with Nail polish remover and wrapped it around the nails. Then I kept it for 15 mins and then removed it. The polish came off quickly and easily.



IMG_7540This is one of the product you must have if you love doing nail arts and manicures regularly. Just to save you time!!



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  1. I am not too much into nail art or nail polish, but for the times I do this sounds like a great product to easily remove it.

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