Sauted Mushrooms Recipe

Sauted Mushrooms Recipe

Most of us prepare  manchurian or gravy based items with mushroom. I will share an easy recipe which will taste little different and is healthy too.

Sauted Mushrooms Recipe

Sauted Mushrooms Recipe

You will need

1) Mushroom : Button 1 pkt

2) Spring onion : 3-4 pieces

3) Onion : 1 cut to small pieces

4) Olive oil : 2 tbsp

5) Garlic : 2-3 cloves cut to small pieces / crushed

6) Herbs : Oregano + Rose Mary  1 tsp

7) Chilli flakes : 1/2 tsp (depends on your taste, I don’t take more spicy)

8) Salt , pepper : as per taste


1. Add the olive oil in a pan and heat it

2. Add the onion and garlic and fry them for 1-2 mintues till onion is translucent

3. Add the mushroom and saute it, cook in medium heat. Mushroom will loose water, cook till all water is evaporated.

4. Add salt and pepper and all herbs,chilli flake, spring onion and saute for 2-3 mins more.

5. Cook bit more if mushroom is bit undercooked else you are good to go.. its done !!

Isn’t it really simple guys, give a try you will find it different!! It will go well with rotis or as side dish with pasta.


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