Pepper n Lettuce Salad Recipe (one dish 2 ways to eat)

Pepper n Lettuce Salad

Pepper n Lettuce Salad

I was thinking to do some sort of Salad which can be also used as a Sandwich filling, so that it will save me time in morning for breakfast. So there will be a slight variation and once you have prepared the core part, you can use it as salad or sandwich filling as per your needs. So first I will mention the core ingredients and process which is same for both. Then I will mention the variations with a slight difference in 1-2 ingredients.

To prepare the Core/Base part you will need:

1) Yellow/ Red pepper : 1-2

2) Lettuce : 400gm

3) Black olives – A handful

4) Boiled Sweet corn – A handful

5) Salt n pepper – As per taste

Process :

1) Cut all the veggies to small pieces (except corn)

2) Add salt and pepper

3) Take a big bowl and mix everything well

To Make SALAD :

1) Take the mixture and add 2-3 tbsp Olive oil

2) All half lemon juice

3) If you need crunch add some crushed almonds

To Make Sandwich FILLING :

1) Take the mixture and add 2-3 tbsp Mayonnaise

2) Take 2 pieces of bread (butter it as you want) and put the filling inside

3) Toast the bread in toaster

So isn’t the recipe super easy. Normally I make the filling it stays well for 4-5 days in refrigerator. So I make it once and I don’t have to wonder ‘what to make for breakfast today’ for a week :-) .. So try and let me know if you liked it.

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