Odiya Khichdi Recipe

Odiya Khichdi Recipe
Odiya Khichdi Recipe

Odiya Khichdi Recipe

Now this Khichdi is one of the items I luv when my Mom makes it. Normally on Sundays we will have this along with a non-veg gravy/ jhol dish. Its very easy to make, just have all items in one place, put everything in Pressure cooker and its done.

To make Khichdi for 2 people I used items :

Odiya Khichdi Recipe

Odiya Khichdi Recipe

1) Rice 3/4 of a glass

2) Chana Dal  – 2 tbsp

3) Moong Dal – 2 tbsp

4) Water – 2 full glass

5) Ghee – 1/2 tbsp

6) Bay leaf – 1

7) Hing – 1/4 tbsp

8) Grated coconut – 2-3 tbsp

9) Grated/finely cut ginger – 1/2 tbsp

Odiya Khichdi Recipe

Odiya Khichdi Recipe

Process :

(Cooking will be in medium heat till lid is closed then you can do high heat. I normally switch off the Gas when I hear one whistle of the cooker, but you can cook as per your judgement. As the type of rice and the water will be deciding factor to how much time it will take to cook)

1. Take a pressure cooker and add the Ghee

2. When Ghee is little hot add the hing and Bay leaf and just saute it for 20-30 secs, so that it releases its flavor
3.  Then add the Ginger and cook it for 30 secs

4. Then add the water and rest of ingredients (rice,dal,coconut)

5) Add salt as per taste

6) Cover the lid and cook till its done (I cook till 1 whistle is released)

So the simple traditional and tasty Khichdi is ready. It will go well with non-veg as well as veg gravy items.

Do let me know how you liked it.

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