Malai Prawn Recipe

Malai Prawn Recipe
Malai Prawn Recipe

Malai Prawn Recipe

So here I am with yet another yummy recipe. Now this is my Hubby’s version, I try the same recipe but without tomatoes,turmeric.

So you will need :

1) Prawn -250g

2) Coconut milk – I used one packet of shop bought one

3) Tomato -1

4) Onion -1

5) Dry whole spices – Cinnamon, Cardamom, Clove (2-3 pieces of each)

6) Oil, salt, chilli powder and turmeric

7) Small pieced of Boiled potatoes (optional, he likes it and have used here, I don’t use in my version of Malai prawn which I will share sometime too :-))



(Cooking will be in medium heat)

1) Cut onion, tomato to small pieces

2) In a pan take some oil and add the whole spices to it and roast it for a minute

3) Then add the onions,chilli powder and pinch of turmeric (just for color). Fry till onions are golden brown

4) Add the tomatoes, boiled potatoes  and fry till they are soft and half done, cook for around 4-5 mins

5) Then add coconut milk, salt (as per taste) and and cook for 4-5 mins. Add little water if its getting dry.

6) Add the prawns and cook for another 7-8 mins till prawns are cooked.

Malai Prawn Recipe

Malai Prawn Recipe

The flavor of coconut and prawn works best if kept simple, so serve it with plain white rice and you are good to go!

I agree this is not the traditional Malai prawn recipe but it tasted really good, so thought to share it. :-)

Let me know if you try some other way…

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