Laccha Seviyan Kheer – Eid Special Recipe

Laccha Seviyan Kheer - Eid Special Recipe
Laccha Seviyan Kheer - Eid Special Recipe

Laccha Seviyan Kheer – Eid Special Recipe

I got laccha on Eid from my friend who told how to prepare it. Was my first time making this recipe and hubby loved it so much I had to make one more time when this got over.

You will need -

1) Laccha – Amount depend how much you want

2) Boiled milk – 1 ltr

3) Cashew nuts, Almonds, Raisins

4) Condensed milk – 4-5 tbsp

5) Sugar – Half cup (as per your taste,if you want more sweet or less)

6) Saffron – A pinchful

7) Water – 1 cup


1) Take a Kadai and take some ghee and fry the cashew nuts,raisins till they are golden brown and take them out,keep aside

2) In that kadai, heat the milk (add water too) in low flame for 15 mins till milk gets dense. Cook it more if you want,it should become thicker and not runny. Stir it in between so that milk doens’t stick to bottom of vessel.

3) Add the sugar and condensed milk and cook for more 5-10 mins, stirring continuously

4) Add the saffron, fried cashew nuts and raisins and cook for another 2-3 mins

5) Taste it, if it tastes good,then its done :-). Cool it before serving.

6) In a bowl take some laccha and add this kheer to it. Garnish with thinly cut almonds if you want.

So it was really yummy. Try it and let me know if you liked it. Will pass on the positive feedback to my friend :-)


  1. nice 1. remember the times feroz used to get lacha for us after eid when we were kids?
    this made me remember those days.
    but dont know where to get the lacha.

  2. Hey Madhu,

    Delicious Laccha Seviyan Kheer!!

    Glad to read your post and very en joyful to read it.

    You know Eid is specially celebrated with deserts so on Eid this recipe is fantastic.

    I’ve noticed in your post you have not added a single photo of your recipe.

    This is my own opinion because i am crazy to see the texture of Laccha Seviyan Kheer and how it looks.

    Your process of preparing this recipe is very simple and easy. I’ve never tried this recipe earlier. I am exited to prepare it immediately because me lover of desserts food.

    Thanks for sharing your post.

    Amar Kumar

    With Best Regards.
    Amar Kumar recently posted…How to Cook Lobster

    • Thanks for liking the recipe. I have just one pic, but next time I make it, will try to do a step by step pics of recipe.

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