Homemade Chicken Pizza Recipe

Homemade Chicken Pizza Recipe

Now who all like to have pizza?? everyone right :-), its kind of a comfort food for all. But I don’t like the pizza we get here ‘coz  I have to pay a lot more of what I will be getting and if I order chicken pizza I have to search for bits and pieces of chicken in it… and the health factor too, they put way too much cheese and I feel greasy from inside after having one (if you understand what I mean :-D ).

So let me share with you one of my fav pizza which is home made (that way you can control how much topping,cheese you want). And  its so simple to make that some days when we don’t feel like cooking proper regular meal, this comes to help.

Homemade Chicken Pizza Recipe

Homemade Chicken Pizza Recipe

You will need items

1) Pizza base (not yet made homemade base yet, and its faster if you get fresh pizza base from local grocery store)

2) Pizza sauce (shop bought)

3) Grated Mozzarella cheese (it melts nicely)

4) Chicken pieces – amount as you want cut to small pieces

5) Spices for chicken – Turmeric, Red chilli powder, pepper, chicken powder

6) Toppings for pizza –

Onions – Cut semi circular

Bell Pepper (green,red,yellow) – cut to long pieces

Tomato – Cut to circles

Jalapeno pepper (I have used pickled zucchini since I was out of Jalapenos, it did the trick)

7) Garnish – Oregano, chilli flakes

8) Salt n pepper



1) First prepare the chicken pieces, for that take oil in a pan and heat it

2) Once it is hot add the chicken pieces and spices (for chicken), cover and cook it in medium heat till chicken is done. Will take around 10-15 mins. Keep that aside

3) Pre heat the oven to 180 C for 15 mins

4) In baking tray keep the pizza base and apply 1 tsp of pizza sauce for each base (apply evenly)

5) Then put the toppings of onions,tomato,jalapeno, bell peppers, chicken

6) Add salt and pepper and grated cheese (the pizza will look as in pic above.. the ‘before’ pic)

7) Bake in oven in 180 C for 15 mins

The pic  below, ‘after’ photo

Homemade Chicken Pizza Recipe

Homemade Chicken Pizza Recipe

So your homemade pizza is ready, just try it once and let me know how you liked it…. which pizza is your fav???

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