Egg Noodles Recipe

Egg Noodles Recipe
Egg Noodles Recipe

Egg Noodles Recipe

Now this is one of my quick fix snacks or dinner items. Whenever I don’t feel like cooking a proper meal or we come home tired after a day outing and we are too hungry to cook, this comes to rescue. Everyone loves chowmein and has their way of doing it… now this is my way of doing it…. check it out !!!

I will be very brief in listing out ingredients, as I am feeling too lazy to write properly :-D

You will need:

1) Noodles

2) Egg

3) Sauces – Tomato, Soya,Chilli

4) Salt, Pepper, Ajinomoto

5) Ginger garlic paste

6) Veggies – Onion, capsicum (green pepper) cut into long slices


Cooking will be in high heat (so constantly you have to stir so that it doesn’t burn)

1) First boil the noodles till they are soft and done. Add to the water you are boiling, salt and few drops of oil (to avoid noodles sticking to each other).Once they are done strain it and keep aside.

2) In a non-stick wok (kadai) add some oil, then add the eggs and scramble them (something like a bhurji). Cook the eggs for 3-4 mins and then take it out.

3) Then add some more oil and add the onions, fry for some time and add ginger garlic paste. Cook it for 1-2 mins.

4) Then add the capsicums and cook for another 2 minutes.

5) Then add the scrambled eggs, and add the sauces (take the amount you want of all the sauces in a bowl, mixed with little water)

6)Add salt, pepper and the noodles and mix everything well.

7) When everything is mixed well and coated nicely with the sauce and its almost done, add ajinomoto and mix  for another 30 secs and its done

Let me know how you make your noodles and special tips and tricks are welcome…


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