Corn Sandwich Recipe

Corn Sandwich Recipe
Corn Sandwich Recipe

Corn Sandwich Recipe

This is one of my quick breakfast fixes. I simply luv it as its simple and at the same time yummm… so check out the recipe

You will need

1) Boiled corn – Sweet corn as we say

2) Capsicum/Green/Yellow/Red pepper – (Which ever you have) Cut to thin long slices

3) Onion – Cut as rings

4) Salt

5) Pepper

6) Mayonnaise

7) Butter


1) Take a slice of bread and apply butter to one side, flip it over and on the other side first apply Mayonnaise

2) Then put the boiled corn and cut veggies as per you want.

3) Sprinkle some salt and pepper

4) Take another bread slice, put it on top of the bread (we have taken above). To the top of it apply some butter.

5) Toast the bread and after its done cut in to 2 halves, either diagonal way or from middle.

So isn’t it simple one. Normally I keep boiled corn and cut veggies in fridge and everyday morning, I just apply mayo,butter, put the ready filling, spice it with salt and pepper and toast it. Easy to go. Its perfect for breakfast or as a tiffin for your kids or your office too.



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