Chickpeas/Chana Salad Recipe

Chickpeas/Chana Salad
Chickpeas/Chana Salad

Chickpeas/Chana Salad Recipe

This is a super easy, healthy and tasty salad I usually make at home. I will divide the process into 3 steps.
1. Soak chana in water over night (6-7 hours soaking required)
2. Boil the soaked chana and potato till they are done (add salt to taste and little turmeric powder)
3. Cut the veggies into thin slices-
Red,Yellow, Green Bell Pepper

Dressing Sauce 
1. In a bowl take some lemon juice & olive oil
2. Add black pepper powder, chat masala, amchur masala, salt  (little, remember you have boiled the chana & potato with salt as well) to it.

1. In a big bowl take the cut veggies, boiled chana
2. Cut the boiled potato to small pieces & add it
3. Add the dressing sauce & mix everything well
4. Taste & if needed add more salt or lemon juice or chat masala.. so that all flavors are balanced.

You can have it as side dish as salad or evening snacks as chat (add some sev and coriander & additional stuff you like).

Let me know guys how you liked it.

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