Traditional Oriya Besara Recipe

Besara Recipe


Besara Recipe

Besara Recipe

I always want to try out traditional Oriya recipes as they are my most fav dishes :-) .. and since I belong to Puri, I always want to bring that flavor into my kitchen and home. I want my kid to have a taste of my native… so after searching a lot finally I got hold of this recipe.

For me it is a exotic tasting dish and since it is made in temples, when eating it.. the same feeling comes as if eating prasad of some temple.I will divide the cooking into 3 steps
The paste 
Soak some mustard in water for 15- 30 mins.
To the soaked mustard add the below items and make a fine paste (adding little water)
Bay Leaf – 1
Black pepper -2 to 3
Clove -2
Cinnamon stick – 1 to 2
Dry Red Chilli -1 (2 if you want spicy)
The Veggies
Parwal (Potal)
Raw Banana
Radish (Mooli)
Grated coconut – 1/2 coconut
Other veggies you can add – Desi Alu, Kankana (Don’t ask me the hindi/ eng names of it :-) , I also don’t know.. if someone knows it please write in comment below)Process (Cooking will be done in low heat)
1. Heat refined oil in a kadai and add little amount of panch photan (Oriya mix of dry spices), 1 bay leaf and water.

2. When water comes to a boil add the vegetables (small size cut), grated coconut, jaggery/sugar (2-3 tbsp, it should taste just a hint of sweet not too sweet), salt and the mustard paste we had made earlier. Let it cook till vegetables are done.

3.Last remaining is the tadka. For it, take another kadai and add Refined oil. Once oil is hot,add one dry red chilli, panchphotan (1-2 tsp), hing (if it is powder mix it in little amount of water), 1 tbsp of crushed ginger and saute for 1-2 mins. Add all these in the Veg kadai and mix properly and let it cook for another couple of mins.

4. Once the Besara is almost complete, you can add Nadi (typical puri side item). Let it cook for 1 min and turn off the heat. It will soak the water so add it at the end.

So here it is, a traditional mouth watering simple aesthetic dish… so many terms for a single dish.. why?? because it’s my most fav dish of all times and I feel I can’t have enough of it. 

Let me know what’s that one dish which reminds you of your native.. do share the recipe.  :-)


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