Winter Sweater Nails & Peter Pan Collar Nail art

sweater small

IMG_2113 copy

Winter nail art is incomplete with out Sweater nails. For the last week of StyleThoseNailsChallenge (Click here to join us and take part in future nail challenges), the theme is Winter Dress/Sweater Nails.

IMG_2098 copy

I wanted to try the collar nails (other wise known as Peter Pan Collar Nails) as its so cute to look at and took inspiration from Pinterest. For the accent nails I just stamped with BornPrettyStore Stamping plate. For the sweater nails I used Pearl studs for buttons. Those are from BPS too. Check out my earlier post where I have reviewed them.

Let me know your in your comments your feedback for this mani… its a bit different type of sweater nails :-)


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