Where to buy Konad Nail Art Stamping Set in India

Konad stamping nail art
Konad stamping nail art

Konad stamping nail art

Have you lately been obsessed with nail art and want to try out different products which will give you a pretty manicure within no time. Then look for nail art stamping sets which will do the trick. In India only Konad stamping sets are available now on various online sites. My stamping set was a B’day gift from my sweet Sis when I was just starting with nail arts as a pass time thing. She got it from Slassy, but now there are so many sites selling it.

First let me just explain what items will be used in stamping technique


2) Scrapper

3) Design/Image plates

4) Image plate holder (Optional)

I would suggest you to get Stamper and scrapper in one set and get the design plates separately. In different sites the amount for the image plates vary, so you may save 30-40 bucks/plate. And some times the design plate which comes as a set with scrapper and stamper may not be of your choice. So visit Konad site, see the designs and choose the image plate number you want, search it and get it separately.

I will be listing out a few stamper,scrapper,image plate combos here

1) Jabong – http://www.jabong.com/konad-Stamping-Set-21523.html

2) Slassy – http://www.slassy.com/Konad-Double-Side-Stamp-Set/p

3) Goodlife – http://www.goodlife.com/konad/konad-stamp-and-scraper-set/54539/product-detail

4) VioletBag -http://www.violetbag.com/9437-konad-double-side-stamp-set-8809109833166.html

5) Junglee – http://www.junglee.com/KONAD-Nail-Art-Konad-Scraper/dp/B00BABINPM

You can check out some nail arts I did using Konad in my Youtube channel and the blogs (with steps how to do it).

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