Some of my nail arts

Water marble nail art

I started doing nail arts around 7-8 months back when I just had my baby and I had some free time. My Sis gave me lots of nail polishes which she was just collecting and not using it. I thought why not do something creative and new. Then I came upon the trendy world of nail arts and I have been hooked to it since then. The pass time hobby became kind of a passion as I got to explore my creative side.

I am not a professional nail artist, just like doing simple nail arts which can be done on short/medium nails easily at home. I don’t keep too long nails as I am with baby all the time and don’t want her to be hurt. So I changed my nail tip from round tip to square tip, so that it won’t be pointy and I have noticed my nails break very less since I have kept square tips.

Check out some of my old nail arts when I just started doing it.

You can check my Youtube channel for easy nail art tutorials.

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