Penguin Nail Art – Cartoon Pingu inspired Nails



Yay!! After so long I’m taking part in StylethoseNailsChallenges (click here to join our group). For this week theme is¬†Penguins. I have never done a Penguin Nail art before and I looked at some available online for inspirations, but found mostly similar. When I hear the word Penguin one image pops up in my mind. Its of Pingu!! As a kid I always have enjoyed watching the Cartoon show. So I decided to do Pingu and his Sister Pinga in my nails. I took inspiration from an image I found upon googling. Hope I have done a decent job :-) . And this Mani I dedicate to my sis. The fun,pranks,love shared between Pingu and Pinga reminds me of my childhood days with my Sis :-).. so Nani (we call Sisters this in my native language) this is for you <3

IMG_1656 copy

I have some updates regarding my Youtube posts. I was not getting much time from last few months to do videos. My laptop broke down and I had to transfer my stuff to another spare one and do all setups. My daughter is very active and normally I have a setup while filming videos with tripod (big one) n all. And I was scared that she will be curious and may fiddle with it and ultimately breaking the camera, in the process… as a Mom you always have to think 5 steps ahead what your kids are capable of ¬†:-) So after lot of thinking I finally ordered a smaller flexi tripod which will help me film even when she is around, and I can just put it on the table n work. So hopefully you will see more videos in future. I managed to film one video when she was sleeping one night showing my Accessories collection (mostly rings and some new bracelets). So will upload it by this week hopefully.

IMG_1649 copy

For this nail art, I just painted the images using Acrylic colors and did simple dotting on the side nails. If you like this mani don’t forget to share my work with your friends!! Till next time <3


  1. Hi little sis,
    thnx a lot for the dedication. lovely n cute mani.
    mani suerly reminded me of the times we spent together.
    I too loved pingu. but hv’nt seen since quite some time.
    may b its time to search again for the series.

    • Thanks Anita.. Pingu is one of my all time fav cartoons <3 I also watched with my daughter & I still enjoy watching it :-)

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