NOTD : Nails inspired from Painting

ewedw-2 copy

ewedw-2 copy

I was part of a Nail Collab in IG where we had to do our nail art taking inspiration from a painting (in the top right ). I tried something like this for first time as I never tried artsy type nails before. And man!! it was a struggle for me I admit, to get the shading, colors and detailing right. Doing on paper and color is one thing, but doing on nails is whole different stuff. I have huge respect for the nail artists who painstakingly draw minute detailed designs on their nails. Its not easy guys, its not easy believe me! For doing this, it took 40mins- 1 hour.. and after that I wasn’t sure of the result. I thought it looked like a nail fail to me. But I didn’t had the time or patience to try again :-).. but its a beginning for me in a new direction. I may do such challenging stuff from time to time, just to test myself. So what are your honest thoughts on this! Yay or nay


    • wow.. thanks for liking it! Since I already did this and didn’t film it, as it was very time consuming, may be I will try something similar and put up a video tutorial soon Swati :-)

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