Neon Tribal/Aztec Nail Art (Step by step pics Tutorial)

Neon Tribal/Aztec Nail Art
Neon Tribal/Aztec Nail Art

Neon Tribal/Aztec Nail Art

So ever since I got my Neon polishes (see haul post here) I was super excited. I have always wanted to do a Neon Tribal Nail art. I did one with Black and white in my youtube channel (see the video tutorial here), so process is kind of similar with slight difference in multi color layers.

So you will need items :

Items Required

Items Required

1) Neon Polishes : I have used Colorbar shade Tangerine Mojito, Lime Margarita

2) Other bright polishes : Avon Summer peach, Maybelline ColorShow Blueberry Ice

3) Clear Top coat

4) Nail art pen : Black and white

5) Black and white stripper  (I have striper and pen combined in one)

6) White polish (I missed showing in the pic ) : I used Lakme shade 80

Steps :

Neon Tribal/Aztec Nail Art

1) Apply white polish as base coat and let it dry (TIP : adding white as base with neon/bright colors, make the color pop out even more compared to you apply only the colors directly, and you need lesser coats for the bright effect)

2) Add 3 thick stripes of colors (kind of mix n match) directly with the polish brush, if its not perfect or lines overlap dont worry… at the end it won’t be noticeable. Let it dry completely. (I added single coat of colors)

3) Take black and white strippers and make lines as you want, thick or thin as you wish

4) Take black nail art pen and draw out basic geometric shapes like line,dot,triangle,square as you want. Keep some space available for white designs to be drawn.

5) Repeat step 4 but with White nail art pen and draw different shapes you want.

6) Let everything dry completely and finish off with a top coat.

Neon Tribal/Aztec Nail Art

Neon Tribal/Aztec Nail Art

Hope you liked this one… I will try some more nail arts with neon colors.. as I am loving them currently.

Do pay a visit to my Youtube channel to see my other nail art tutorials, Haul and DIY posts.


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