Nail Care Guide : Remove Nail Polish & Yellow stains from nails (Part 2)

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This is 2nd part of my Nail Care Series of posts. Read the part 1 in the series, where I have shared how to get soft cuticles naturally. Normally after removing any nail polish which is darker shade the nails are stained from that color. And when we keep nail polish on our nails for long, they get stained and you can see a yellowish shade. And they don’t disappear over night. In this video I have shared 3 simple and easy ways to remove dark nail polish stains as well as yellow stains from nails (all home remedies).

I have kept this video really short and to the point ,around 2 min video.. do watch it.

Hope this will be helpful.



  1. Oh this is very informative Maduh.. I usually have to coats of clear nail Polish with aloe before any dark colour or any colour and that helped me greatly.. Thank you for the tip xx

  2. When I remove my polish, I usually soak a strip of cotton with nail polish remover, and leave it to half dry on my painted nails. So it’s easily removed!

    • Nice tip! Yes that may remove the immediate polish stain but the yellow stains can’t be removed that easily. That needs time and right ways to remove them.. :-)

  3. hi. great video!
    one question, do u suggest to follow this clean up for 15 days to see the result? since you posted two pictures with 15 days gap in between.

    • Hi Bhavna.. you can continue till how many days you want. I just took the 15 days Gap, if done for a longer period certainly it will give better result. This routine one can do regularly, in 2-3 days gap. And you can see results within a week of doing it too.. more frequent and a routine certainly will give best results :-)

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