Nail Care Guide : How to Get Soft and Healthy Cuticles Naturally (Part 1)

Nail Care-001

*Bare Nails pic alert* I wanted to post about Nail care , but I didn’t till now as I am lazy when it comes to taking care of my nails *gasp*.. ya sad but true. I love doing nail arts but I neglected the basic nail care routine and steps till now. Recently I have been doing non-stop nail arts and it has taken a toll on my nails. It is stained as yellow and my cuticles are so dry and I have hang nails and nail peel too… so welcome to Ugly side of nail arts! And see my bare nails in all their misery.

But I am taking a short Nail vacation and giving them all TLC needed. I have got some amazing results, so thought to share my progress with you. So that if you face the same issues you can do simple things and take care of your nail issues. It will be a multiple parts post and I will try to cover one part in each part and what I am following do overcome the issue. Some posts may be in blog and some may be as Youtube videos. If you have some suggestions, issues feel free to post below.

So in this post I will share how I got rid of my ultra dry cuticles and hang nails by just following one method, but daily without fail. So below you can see my not so picture perfect nails. With black stains ( from a recent nail art), yellow stains (due to continues use of polish), Dry cuticle and hang nails. So this is the before shot, the after shot will be at the end of this post.



So what I followed is quite simple. I took some Olive Oil in a bowl and dipped my fingers for 15 mins every night just before sleeping. This along with moisturizing my cuticles with Hand cream and Cuticle oil through out the day, 3-4 times. But I felt the Olive oil dip was most effective for giving soft cuticles. And I did this every day without fail. Some times I forgot to moisturize or apply cuticle cream (as I am not used to the routine yet), but I did this without fail.


And the result you can see below. This was just after 5 days of following the routine. My cuticles are more soft and they look healthy & the hang nails have gone. And the staining have reduced too. Still my nails are far from perfect or what I want them to look like. But one step at a time is my motto :-).. I will be taking more care of them, as its high time I did that!



Hope my post was helpful to you..Do share what’s your tip for healthy nails you follow.



  1. His is very useful post. I too have hang nails and and I too apply olive oil all over my nails and cuticle and around my nail area. Haven’t tried dipping though but still nails are getting beyyer though. … :)

    • Yes Divya.. Olive oil is great for softening the cuticle and making nail stonger. Working great for me till now :-)

    • Nice to know, heard good stuff about it Shilpa. This is my ‘to-do’ for nails every night and it works like cuticle oil :-)

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