How To : Fix Broken Nail (With Step by Step Pics)

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Well I didn’t think there will be a day when I will try this out! To fix my broken nails.. as a nail blogger my nails are my most prized possession. And from time to time I have nail breaks to due various reasons like sometimes in hurry I pull drawers and snap, or I change the diapers and snap.. I am a Mom and I do normal household work, so keeping my nails intact is a huge task really. And moreover since 2 of my nails peel and are very weak, so they break from time to time.

So I got to know this trick from my bestie Lovely of LovelyNailsNHairstyle and she is my go-to person when I need some tips or any nail related information. And one day while in hurry I broke my nail while doing multiple work at same time, attending to my daughter, cooking and cleaning the house :-) , multi-taskers are we ladies!!  And I had to post my review posts/videos and had couple of nail commitments, so I quickly tried this out. So excuse me if my nails aren’t clean or you see some Atta (flour) around my nails :-D .

You will need items :

IMG_45071. Scissors

2. Empty Tea Bag

3. Nail Glue


Nail Care1. Just your nails broke.

2. Take a Tea bag, cut it from top and empty the tea and keep the bag aside. There will be folds and layers, just open it and cut in to a small piece to fit your nails from a single layer. Measure and cut it to perfectly fit the nails.

3. Apply Nail glue at one side of the tea bag, apply evenly so that you don’t leave any empty patch, else the wrap will come off. Once the glue is applied, just place it over your nails. After placing the wrap press gently but firmly so that there are no air gaps and the wrap is perfectly glued on from all sides. And press the wrap for some time so that it is firmly glued on, till glue dries.

If there is some excess of the nail wrap:

In the Nail Tip area : Just gently buff using a nail buffer and the excess will come off.

In the Cuticle area : Try to cut out the excess using the scissor or a Cuticle nipper.

4. Once it is dry you can apply your base coat to strengthen it more. And when needed apply nail polish.

To Remove It:

Just take normal polish remover in a cotton and place it over the nail for 5-10 secs, so that it soaks it and the wrap will come off easily.

Ok now this method really worked well and will keep your nails intact for 3-4 days or more if you don’t do heavy duty work! I managed to finish my pending work by using this method and after that I cut it out. Because while changing diapers, the cracked part still got pulled out by attaching to the fabric ( I covered the nail top, but under the nails, the crack was still exposed). It didn’t break or come off even then, but I feared it may come off sooner or later. So if you have some event to attend and you break your nails just before it, or you are a nail blogger like me, this will certainly help you. Hope you liked it and let me know if you try it out.




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