Halloween Nail Art – Angels & Demons

Halloween Nail Art

Hey guys.. its not near Halloween I know!! But I think this would be perfect for Halloween. I tried this nail art for ‘Style those nails Challenges‘ (click the link if you want to take part in the challenges) monthly nail art challenge. And this week it was Inspired from any movie or book. I am an voracious reader and you can call me a book worm also. I am hooked on to books ever since we got Library hours during school. My friends used to chit chat but I was immersed in Enid Blyton, Charles Dickens… And I used to maintain a diary where I noted down all books I have read based on authors.. I still have it, but now-a-days I am not updating it though. So cutting the story n nostalgia.. I decided to do ‘Angels and Demons’ Nail art based on the book with same name by Dan Brown ( look I am explaining as if you don’t know already ;-) )

Halloween Nail Art

Its not a step by step pictorial.. I will just mention the items and steps in brief.

So I started with painting all nails black. Then on middle and ring fingers I stamped on the Wings pattern from Konad plate m90 with white polish. And on all other nails I drew the demon tail n gear. And to give the added effect I also drew the Horns of devil and Halo of angel on my finger. And then finished off with top coat!!

Halloween Nail Art

Halloween Nail Art

So do you like it!! I simple luv this one <3 I am not boasting :-P.. I loved the book so this can be a interpretation or contribution from me :-)


  1. It so lovely..Iinitially I also thought on doing something on any of Dan Brown’s novel but could not… lols………..

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