Girl Painting BPS Nail Decal/Sticker Review


IMG_1168Bornprettystore has been coming up with lots of cool and trendy nail decals and stickers along with many other nail art products. And I tried out these amazing looking Girls painting decals and they are so really cool, you must have them. And don’t forget to use my 10% OFF Coupon Code DENDIVAK31.

This single sheet of Nail decal has 4 different patterns with each pattern having 5 different designs for each nail. You can buy this Nail decal hereYou can see all the designs in this sheet below.

IMG_1173IMG_1172IMG_1171IMG_1170Nail Decal Details:

Buy it here
Item Code – #20321
Price – $2.79

Directions to Use:
1. Remove the plastic sheet
2. Cut the part you want to apply
3. Dip the cut out decal in water for 20 secs
4. Remove it and you can separate the sticker from paper sheet
5. Take the decal and position on your nails
6. Press the decal and remove all air bubbles
7. Remove excess with nail buffer, scissor or cuticle cutter
8. Once it is dry and sticking properly apply top coat to finish

1aa copy

2a copysign


  1. I love doing nail art, and positive to try this one also.
    I believe it more feels more like a tattoo, the ones we use to get from our candy packs in our childhood. (just asking)

    Nice blog. I loved all your designs.

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