Geometric Nail Art


c2I am one of those people who love geometric prints. And geometric pattern on nails have been my most favourite, I always look for products with such patterns. They make your nails look aahhmazing and salon style. And geometric and monochrome goes hand in hand mostly. So I tried this black & white nail art using Nicole Diary -17 Nail Decal.

IMG_4022 copyWhere to Get Nicole Diary Products

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They Ship their products Worldwide, which is great!

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IMG_4039 copySTEPS

1. Apply white polish as base color. You can choose any color you want. I just love black and white combination so I went for it.

2. Take the nail decal and cut into small pieces which will fit your nails.

3. Remove the plastic film covering it.

4. Take a bowl with room temperature water in it.

5. Place the cut nail decal in it for 10-15 sec.

6. Apply a drop of water to the nail you want to put on and also on your finger tips (This helps the decal not to fold and apply properly)

7. Remove the decal with a tweezer

8. Place it on the nails and press down, starting from center towards sides (to remove air bubbles)

9. Pat dry with a tissue and apply top coat once its completely dry.

10. Remove the excess towards cuticle and nail sides using a tweezer.

IMG_4023 copy

IMG_4027 copyI love how it looks on my nails. They are bound to grab attention and looks so fun! Check them out today..



DISCLOSURE – I received this product free in exchange of my honest and unbiased opinion.


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