Easy Nail art for Beginners – Minnie Mouse Nail Art

Minnie Mouse Nail art
Minnie Mouse Nail art

Minnie Mouse Nail art

I tried this cute nail art which is my fav cartoon character Minnie Mouse inspired.

Products used:
Avon Black Beauty
Avon Cherry Red
Faces White O White
Konad stamping kit (Stamper,scrapper,image plate holder)
Konad Image Plate m56
Avon Top coat

1. Apply a base coat (if you want)
2. Apply 2 coats of Red polish and let it dry completely
3. Apply big and small white dots taking a toothpick or any dotting tool you want.
4. Let the white polish dry completely
5. Take Konad image plate m56 and make the bow with black polish
6. Once the polish dries, seal the design with a top coat.

You can check my Youtube channel for easy nail art tutorials.

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