Easy Nail art for beginners – Flowers

Flower nail art
Flower nail art

Flower nail art

This is by far most simple yet most elegant design you can try… It is very easy to do this.

I have used here black,white,red,green and glitter nail polish along with top coat.

First apply glitter polish in a gradient effect. For that apply some polish onto a piece of sponge. Dab the sponge onto a piece of paper/tissue paper to remove excess polish. Then start dabbing the sponge on your nail starting from tip towards cuticle. Apply more pressure towards tip and less inwards. So that tip becomes kind of opaque with polish and you get gradient effect as you go towards cuticle.

Now with white polish make 5 dots close to each other, like you see in the image, forming petals shape of flower.

Take a drop of black polish onto some surface (old plate,paint palette etc). Now with sharp end of toothpick take some polish and make 2 stripes as shown.

Once the white polish dries, take drop of red polish on a surface and with non-sharp end of toothpick apply a dot on the thump and ring fingers.

Repeat the above step with green polish for index,middle and little finger.

Finish with a top coat.

Do share your comment and feedback for this.

You can check my Youtube channel for easy nail art tutorials.

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