Easy Nail art for Beginners – Dripping color

Color dripping nail art
Color dripping nail art

Color dripping nail art

This is a simple yet colorful nail art… very trendy and you can try lots of variations by mixing & matching colors, outlining the colors…

So lets begin

Products used :
Coloressence Prune
Coloressence Siren Red
Coloressence Crimson Orange
Coloressence Midnight Blue
Essensual20 Daily Dazzler Forest Green
Essensual20 Daily Dazzler Sexy Green
Avon Top coat

1. First apply a coat of Sexy green which is a sheer shimmery color with a hint of green.
2. Then take 1-2 drops of one color in a surface (I use cap of unused cream pots)
3. With the non-sharp end of toothpick/any dotting tool you are using make 3 dots in center of the nails. Middle dot bit bigger than side dots.
4. With the sharp end of toothpick take some color and try to draw a line from the dot towards tip of your nails.
5. Once 3 lines are drawn connect those lines making a ‘u’ shape in the tip of the nail
6. If there is still some gap, take the polish and apply directly just in the tip (like a french tip).
7. Repeat steps 2-6 for other colors and rest of the fingers.
8. Once the color dries apply top coat only on the color dripping effect you just created,not whole of the nail.

You can check my Youtube channel for easy nail art tutorials.



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