Easy Leopard Print Nails

Leopard Nail Art

Hey guys… how have you been. Its been a really long time since I blogged or posted a new video. Its been a amazing vacation with lots of travelling and spending quality time with family. Hope you have a great year ahead.

I did this way back thinking this will be my last nail art video for 2013, but I got really busy and couldn’t finish making the video. So I will just mention the steps how to do it, its really simple.


Leopard Nail Art

Leopard Nail Art

You will need :

1) For gradient effect nails – Pink n glitter purple polish and sponge

2) Black striper

3) Konad Nail art Image plate m57

4) Konad stamping set – stamper, scrapper

5) Black polish

6) Top coat, base coat

7) Scotch tape

Leopard Nail Art

Leopard Nail Art


1. Apply base coat and let it dry

2) Apply pink shade polish and after it dries make gradient effect by taking the glitter purple polish. If you want to know how to do gradient nails,check out my tutorial by clicking here.

3) Once it is all dry completely, take 2 pieces of scotch tape and apply and 2 edges of the nails leaving a portion open in the middle (on all the nails except ring finger, where we will stamp the entire nail)

4) Taking the Konad stamping set and black polish, just stamp the leopard print on the to nails. (Click here if you want to see how to use Konad stamping)

5) Remove the scotch tapes from the sides.

6) Taking a black striper just make 2 straight lines at the sides of the design, so that the design will be inside the lines (as shown in the pic).

7) Once everything is dry apply the top coat and you are done.

So these are party animal nails for the new year to begin with. Do share your recreations in my Facebook page . Don’t forget to like, pin and share this nail art.

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  1. A very happy new year & welcome back.
    very nice nail art.
    waiting for new exciting recipes.

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