Beginners Guide to Nail arts

Nail Art

You can easily start doing simple nail art in your home with items available around you. So get started and follow the trend and make some nice nail art all by yourself, no need to go to nail parlors or spa…

 You can do various design and patterns, textures on your nail easily at home. To start with you will need some items in handy

Options for making dots
1. Toothpick (backside of it)
2. Bobby pins
3. Paper pin /Alpin as we say
4. Pen /pencil

Options for making lines
1. Old used eyeliner brush
2. Thin painting brush
3. Lipliner brush

Some other items
1. Sponge
2. Scotch tape

Nail Art

Image Courtesy : Pinterest

Now along with these there are various nail accessories available in market. Some of them are1. Nail art stamping
2. Nail stickers (normal, 3D)
3. Nail glitters
4.Nail studs, beads
5. Velvet dust
6. Rhinestones
7. Stripping tape

and the list grows everyday.

Some basic nail art techniques are
1. Dotting
3. Gradient effect
4. Shapes using scotch tape
5. Water marbling
6. Water spotting
Nail Art

Image courtesy :Pinterest

You can mix and match these and and try various stuff as possibilities are endless.

Do check out my nail arts in my youtube channel as I simply love doing those. Till thenBe Beautiful Divazz!!!

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