Where to buy Holographic Nail Polish in India

China Glaze 'Take a Trek'

Recently I am looking out for different Nail art stuff as well as different polishes. I wanted to try Holographic nail polish as I really like them. So searched few sites and got mine from Jabong.com. I just got mine last week n this week item is discontinued.. hummfff. I guess I got lucky and got mine a week earlier. But don’t you worry, there are other places where you can get it. Btw I have China Glaze Holographic shade ‘Take a Trek’. You can check the swatch pics here.

China Glaze 'Take a Trek'

China Glaze ‘Take a Trek’

Sadly no Indian brands have started doing some different type of polishes, now a days people want to experiment. But since we have no options, the Indian sites are selling imported brands so the cost will be a bit more and the brands are in top of their game internationally,so you get good quality product nonetheless. I got only one piece as it was around Rs.640 (my most costliest polish till date, I normally get budget stuff not very high end ones). But since I badly wanted the Holographic polish so burned a hole in my hubby’s pocket for a single bottle of polish :-D

So below listed are the sites and product links, you can check it out.

1) Jabong.com : Since I purchased from there,so mentioning it. But you can keep a track if they get some more.

2) http://www.beautykafe.com/holographic-nail-polish-china-glaze-take-a-treak-81165.html

3) http://www.junglee.com/Holographic-Nail-Polish-China-Glaze/dp/B00E9Q8KRQ/ref=sr_1_258?s=beauty&ie=UTF8&qid=1394777905&sr=1-258

Link 2 & 3 are kind of same.. as the Junglee item is from the site Beautycafe (link 2 ). There was another site rediffshopping, but it has a pack of holographic polishes and the cost was Rs.6000+ , may be ‘coz its imported. But I normally mention budget items here, so thought to skip it. But if you can pay that much :-D , you can check there too.

UPDATE: I wrote this post long ago, along with the previous links, adding some new links to the Holo polishes I found online. Hope you get what you are looking for!

1) http://www.amazon.in/Layla-Hologram-Effect-Polish-Ocean/dp/B007HPG5R8

2) http://shopping.rediff.com/product/color-club-2013-holographic-halo-hues-nail-polish/12260384

The prices will shock you, as the items are imported. Its difficult to get good Holo polishes in India. So when my hubby went to US, I ordered a bunch of pretty Holo polishes, check them here.

You can check more from my ‘Where to buy‘ series of post, to know where you can buy different Nail art related items in India at a reasonable rate. Hope this post was helpful to you.

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