Where to buy Flocking/Velvet powder in India

My Creation
My Creation

My Creation

This is another post from my Where-to-buy series. I post the product links of new nail art tools, accessories everything related to nail art here. And today I will be sharing about different sites where you can buy Nail art Flocking/Velvet powder in India.

Being a nail art vlogger I look out for new nail art stuff to purchase in India which don’t cost much, so thought of sharing my finds with you fellow nail art enthusiasts so that you will be spared from searching again :-)

I got my velvet powder as a Bday gift from my Sis, she gave me a bunch of other nail art accessories too. If you want you can check out the Haul video here.

Below are some of the sites along with the product links ,just to give you an idea where to look for the stuff. If the product is out of stock by the time you check do go through the same site for similar items.

1. Single color shade – Rs. 99


2.  2 colors – Rs. 199


3. 6 colors – Rs. 400


4. 12 colors – Rs.499


5. New 12 Color Velvet Flocking Powder For Velvet – rs.1960 (its li’l pricey may be ‘coz its imported)


So these are some India based sites where I found the product, if you want you can also look for international sites with free shipping option (but they will charge some amount if the order amount is less). Hope this post was helpful for you. I will be back soon with more nail art item links.

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Check out the video tutorial of my nail art above.


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