My Huge Nail Polish Haul!!! Zoya,China Glaze,KB Shimmer,Color Club n more…

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The first thought when Hubby told he has to go to the States for a short trip was like Yay!!! ‘Now I can get some cool polishes which I have been drooling after since long ;-) ‘.. as normally I don’t get nail polish from outside India as there are various reasons, the cost will be too high after adding shipping and taxes, and there may custom issues or packages may never reach me. So I was more excited than him for the trip :-D..

I started planning right away (this was during Nov) what stuff to get. I made a list and that kept changing over time, as there are so many cool polishes available there of different variety like Holo, Multi chrome, Textured,  Matte, Sheer, Metalics, Glitter top coats and more other nail art stuff. I took help of Soumya (my college bestie from LovelyNailNHairstyle Channel in Youtube, check her out here). She gave me suggestions based on which brands I should go for and where to get the stuff, where current deals are happening. I planned to buy bulk of items during Christmas as I thought there will be some nice deals, I got some too.. I had a lot of problem while doing international transaction though, with my bank not supporting it. At one point I thought I have lost it, there was so many hurdles. But she came to my rescue and was like ‘No worries, we will plan some thing out and you will get your stuff’ :-).. so finally with her help I could get the items.

So after so much talking, I won’t be saying much.. just check out my Haul video below.. If you think my voice sounds strange, it was around 2.30am when I filmed it.. so I was careful not to have a loud voice and wake up my daughter n hubby. At one point hubby did wake up and thought I have gone crazy talking to myself :-D Lol!! At the end of video I was sleepy and words coming out really slow and my voice was cracking up :-D

I will soon swatch these and use in my nail arts. Hope you liked watching it! Do subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more videos. Which item from my haul was your favourite.. let me know in comments below.


    • Thanks a lot for watching n liking it Mily! Yes I luv the Zoya.. and it was so hard for me to choose.. and I got them at a steal, 6 bottles at price of 3 ;-)

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