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20160326_135536Its been ages since I shared an Outfit post. And today since I dressed up a bit to grab a lunch at Chilli’s, a nearby Mexican Diner, I thought to share the look with you since I really liked it!

Its quite sunny here today and I went for something comfortable to wear, since we also had to do some errands. The dress is really light and fits nicely. I got it online and got a great deal on that! You can wear the dress as it it, I just added the legging as its windy out too and I don’t want to keep holding on to my dress since I have to hold on to my very active toddler on the roads. The sling bag is a gift from one of our friends as a farewell gift just few days before we left India. Its really a cool looking bag and normally I wouldn’t go for this color but now I love it, since its very trendy looking and goes well with anything!

So here are my outfit details.

Dress :

Legging : From Central Mall

Sling Bag : Puma

Shades :

Bracelet, Earring : Forever 21 (Watch in my Haul video here)

Watch : Titan Fasttrack



Let me know if you liked it!


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