Vegetable Pulao Recipe (Step-by-step with Pics)


I am posting a Recipe after a long time.. many of my friends asked me to post recipe of this Veg Pulao, so on popular demand thought to capture the step by step process which will make it easy for… Continue Reading

Chicken Noodles Recipe (Super Easy n Quick!!)

Chicken Noodles Recipe

I have been really late putting up this blog. Those who are following me on FaceBook ( may have seen this photo I shared in Jan, so sorry for the late post. Without any further small talk, lets proceed to… Continue Reading

Chicken Dum Biriyani Recipe (with Step by Step photos)

Chicken Dum Biriyani Recipe

Ok first things first.. this is not a “traditional dum biriyani” recipe.. or restaurant style recipe, its a simpler adaption we do at home. I will do a “traditional hyderabadi style dum biriyani” another time. Some steps are eliminated and… Continue Reading

Laccha Seviyan Kheer – Eid Special Recipe

Laccha Seviyan Kheer - Eid Special Recipe

I got laccha on Eid from my friend who told how to prepare it. Was my first time making this recipe and hubby loved it so much I had to make one more time when this got over. You will… Continue Reading

Pasta with tomato sauce Recipe (With Step-by-step pics)

Pasta with tomato sauce Recipe

I like to have this recipe sometimes as evening snacks as its quite easy and quick to fix up. So you will need 1 ) Pasta sauce (Shop bought) – 1 to 2 tbsp 2) Grated cheese – 2-3 tbsp… Continue Reading

Egg Noodles Recipe

Egg Noodles Recipe

Now this is one of my quick fix snacks or dinner items. Whenever I don’t feel like cooking a proper meal or we come home tired after a day outing and we are too hungry to cook, this comes to… Continue Reading

Odiya Khichdi Recipe

Odiya Khichdi Recipe

Now this Khichdi is one of the items I luv when my Mom makes it. Normally on Sundays we will have this along with a non-veg gravy/ jhol dish. Its very easy to make, just have all items in one… Continue Reading