REVIEW – Honey Vitamin B & C Real Gel Mask & Peeling Finger Pad


I was a face sheet mask virgin until I tried these products. I have heard a lot about Korean skin care products and mainly their sheet masks. I am going off topic for a bit since South Korea has so many fond memories for me.We stayed briefly in South Korea just after our wedding for 3-4 months and love everything about South Korea. Their K-Pop songs, food, TV series too! I was so in love with their culture, I learned to speak little Korean too and it helped when we moved around. And we visited their main shopping areas, I can recall Myeong-dong which was a high fashion area and I was awed with so many skin care shops there. I didn’t try anything that time, since it was long before my blogging days and I didn’t do much for skincare that time. But I knew about the Korean Skin care products and that they are high quality and craze for it among people, since they mostly use all ingredients which are beneficial for skin and health. So coming to today’s post, I will do a review of 3 products from Common Labs, 2 are Jel Face Masks and one is a Mild Peeling Finger Pad.


By applying a provitamin B5 formulation to the skin, it will increase hydration and improve softness and elasticity for your skin

- Each mask contains 33ml of essence with honey and propolis extracts for intense moisturization

GGULTAMIN sheet mask uses natural Lyocell fiber mask that perfectly adheres to your skin with extra softness and effective absorption of essence

Thick jelly texture delivers active ingredients deeply into your skin without drying up.

IMG_1480Experience & How to Use

They are 2 step Mask, each sheet also contains a Finger pad. Step 1 and Step 2 as you can see in above picture.

Step 1 : After cleaning the face, use the Finger Pad first. It will peel off dead skin and open your pores which is very important before using any sheet mask. So that all the goodness of sheet/jel masks can penetrate in the skin deeply.

Step 2 : Take the Jel Mask and place in your face. You can see how it looks below.

LightRoom EditedThe Jel mask has a slight yellowish tint to it. You can see how much jel is in the packs! There are lot more jel left in the pack even after I have taken out the mask. So I don’t waste it, its all good stuff, don’t throw away. I apply left over jel in my neck, hand & legs. Keep the mask for 20 mins, then remove & dispose it. Even after I have removed the mask, there is a lot of jel left on my face, so I just tap with my finger gently all over. And then I sleep to wake up next morning with the freshest face literally. I have seen in so many ads, they say face is so plump, it bounces.. I could feel that for me now. My face looks so alive and looks so hydrated and smooth. It feels so soft too.. I am just obsessed with these now.

LightRoom Edited1I am definitely going to buy these now, when ever I feel to give my skin the much needed hydration and before any special occasion.

Learn More about the ingredients and benefits  here. (Click link to buy in Amazon)
Price – $20.99 (for 10 sheets)


– It contains Vitamin C complex to help brighten, boost collagen, and minimize fine lines and wrinkles

GGULTAMIN sheet mask uses cupra mask that perfectly adheres to your skin with extra softness and effective absorption of essence

– Each mask contains 33ml of essence with honey and propolis extracts for intense moisturization

Thick jelly texture delivers active ingredients deeply into your skin without drying up.

IMG_1483Experience & How to Use

The steps to apply is same as Vitamin B mask above. Similar 2 step process.

These masks felt more cool and you just have to relax and lie down after putting these on. These masks didn’t slide off from face, but I felt more comfortable just lying down a bit instead of doing chores.

LightRoom Edited2Once you remove the mask and sleep in, the best thing is when you see your face next morning. This mask made my skin look brighter and again really hydrated and my skin had never looked so smooth. I can’t choose which mask is my favourite since I really liked both of them. I will alternate between them and use it. I have introduced sheet masks in my skincare routine now and will be definitely using them up quickly. I use one sheet mask in 1 week but you can use more. And there is a trend 1 sheet mask per 1 day which is getting really popular. Since sheet masks instantly make your skin look great without you having to go parlors or spa or any facial.

LightRoom Edited3You can buy them at Amazon and learn more about the Mask here. (Amazon item link)

Price – $20.99 (for 10 sheets)

Mild Peeling Finger Pad

The finger pad will effectively removes the makeup residue or any dirt left on your skin.

Finger pad contains AHA and BHA that remove dead skin cells and encourage the growth of the newer and healthier skin.

The key ingredient, MAP(Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphatae) works like Vitamin C to boost skin collagen and brighten overall skin tone.


IMG_1485One issue about these products though is all information in the packages is written in Korean, wish it was written in English so that first time users can read directions and ingredients too. But Amazon has all details written down properly. So you have to look up there, to know more about these products.

Experience & How to Use

You can use these finger pads in 3 ways.

1. Wash the face with a cleanser. Open a finger pad packet, then use the pad to moisturize the skin.
2. Open a finger pad and apply to the necessary area before reapplying makeup
3. Remove makeup and wash the face. Open a finger pad packet, then use it to wipe off any remaining makeup and dirt

I mostly use just before using the Jel /Sheet masks and sometimes to remove the remaining makeup.


20170426_010903These pads moisturizes and mildly exfoliates skin by removing dead skin which makes skin look fresh and is very helpful before applying the sheet masks. All the gel and essence from the masks can go deep in my skin making it look radiant and fresh from deep within. And the effect lasts for few days this way.

Price – $10 for 7 pads

Buy it in Amazon and learn more benefits here. (Amazon Item Link)

Do try out these Products from Common Labs today, and no doubt people have left so high rating for these products in Amazon.

Recommend : Highly recommend, you must try and see visible results for yourself.










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